Tuesday, 29 May 2012

I miei ombretti Pupa

Hello my Dears,
qualche tempo fa, durante una breve visita in Italia, ho casualmente avuto il bisogno di acquistare qualche articolo di makeup e ovviamente ho scelto qualcosa che non è reperibile in Inghilterra.

Le linee sinuose dei cofanetti Pupa mi hanno sempre affascinato e, certa della qualità dei prodotti, ho deciso di vedere cosa offriva la nuova collezione Pupa... in effetti ero alla ricerca di un illuminante viso, ma ho deciso di optare per l'ombretto luminys silk numero 200, un bellissimo bianco perlato con una leggera sfumatura rosata.... quando ho confidato alla commessa che avrei usato l'ombretto come illuminante sulle guance ho letto nei suoi occhi un certo sconcerto.. nessuno le ha mai spiegato il concetto di versatilità, just look outside the box, lady!

Mah, torniamo a noi... non contenta di tornare in Inghilterra con un unico ombretto/illuminante, mi sono recata in un Outlet dove c'è un punto vendita Pupa e lì ho trovato il duo verde e bianco, luminys numero 04 e l'ombretto cotto numero 3 della linea natural eyes, entrambi a meno di 5 euro l'uno!

p.s. nella foto ho inserito anche l'ombretto numero 6 sempre della linea luminys, ma acquistato anni fa e ancora disponibile sul sito!!!

Partendo dall'alto a sinistra:

luminys silk -- 200 -- bianco perlato con una leggera sfumatura rosa, magnifico!!!
luminys -- 04 -- verde/grigio e bianco con glitter, bella combinazione di colori.
luminys baked eyeshadow -- 06 -- marrone con venature dorate, perfetto usato bagnato come eyeliner.
natural eyes -- baked eyeshadow 03 -- color nocciola, matte, ombretto perfetto per un everyday look!

Eccoli qui all'opera:

Ragazze sono molto soddisfatta delle mie scelte e questi ombretti non mi deludono mai! 
Ogni confezione contiene 2.2 g di prodotto (gli ombretti Mac contengono 1.5 g) e hanno tutti una buona durata anche senza primer. Il prezzo si aggira intorno ai 14 euro e considerata la qualità e la quantità di prodotto, mi sembra un buon prezzo... se avete la possibilità di trovare un outlet che vende linee dell'anno passato, trovate gli stessi ombretti scontati del 70%! 

Ragazze io li promuovo a pieni voti e vi lascio il link del sito per dare una sbirciatina!

buona giornata!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

beach time!!!

Hello my Dears,

the summer is finally arrived (... is it going to last!?!?!?) and I had an amazing day out with my dear friends Alessandra and Stefano who came from London to enjoy the sun and the beach... no sand just rocks, but no complains today, the warm weather is what we were waiting for!

the view from my lounge

but of course I not going out without sun protection for body (Biotherm spf 15), face (Clarins spf 30) 
and lips (Neutrogena spf 20):

I hope you all had or are having a wonderful day!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Angelica's Green Eyes

Hello My Dears,

today is Angelica's turn to model for me! 
Angelica has beautiful brown eyes and I decided to bring some colour in her life with a green smoky eye and  pink lips. Her face is the perfect canvas and I enhanced it with a foundation with glowy finish, bronzer to lift up her cheeks and a touch of pink blusher to match with the lips.

this is the result:

These are the products that I used:
Lancome  foundation (sorry it is just a sample and I lost the label with name and no.!)
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish natural in Medium to powder the centre of the face and Medium Dark as a base for bronzer
Benefit Lemon Aid as eye primer
Sofea eyeshadow - darker green eye shadow all over the lid (brand available only in China)
Maybelline green eye shadow, Kaki Chic in the crease 
L'Oreal lighter green eye shadow in Dazzlining Khaki as highlighter for inner corner
Wet'nWild eye shadow in Brulè, matte highlighter for the brow bone (not in the picture!!)
Naj Oleari green pigment pressed in the centre of the lid
Mac Eye Kohl in Phone Number well blended in the out part of the eye along the lashline
Mac Well dressed blusher
Elf Contour Kit, I used the bronzer to sculpt the cheeks
She Uemura eyelash curler
L'Oreal Voluminous in Black (Model's own)
Rimmel lip liner in Risqué - nude pink - and clear lip gloss

Top Left Maybelline Kiki Chic, L'Oreal Dazzling Kaki
Naj Oleari Pigment, Sofea Green Eyeshadow
To do this look I started with the eyes because I was afraid that the fall out of the eye shadow could ruin the base and then I used eye makeup remover and a cotton pad to clean up and shape the eye shadow. I didn't want to apply any pencil in the water line because I love the softer effect given by the combination of the eye shadows and I pressed some pigment in the centre of the eye lid to give another dimension to the look. I also like to powder with a lighter shade the centre of the face, especially the under eye area to brighten up the face and keep the eyes as the focal point.. very Kim Kardashian. 
This is quite a simple look and it just requires loooots of blending... and a nice model of course! 
Hope you like it!! 

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

wet'n'wild vanity palette

Hello my Dears,

the sun is finally out in the UK and because I want to make the most of it I went for this quick, easy and bright look so I can jump out of the door but still feel confident of myself!

I have already told you about the amazing Wet'n'Wild Palette in a previous post link, and this is the look I usually go for when I use it:

no. 1 all over the lid, 
no. 2 in the crease to create depth
no. 3 used as eye liner along lower and upper lashline
no. 4 used as highlighter for the brow bone  

hope you like it!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Leopard print makeup... grrrrrr...

Hello my Dears,

yesterday I was with my dear friend Lydia deciding the perfect look to go with her outfit for the Jay Z concert at the O2 Arena in London and I came out with this Leopard print eye look & soft pink lips!

Here are the simple steps:

1- I primed her lid with a concealer, all the lid up to the brow bone;
2- Using Elf Mineral Black Eye Liner I traced the shape of the eye shadow from the outer corner, half way across the lid, filling it all with the liner first and then blending with the black eye shadow from the Sleek Storm Palette.
3- Then I packed the gold eye shadow from the inner part of the eye up to the black, blending the 2 colours together.
4- Then with a pointed eyeliner brush I started tracing the "Cs" forming a flower kind of pattern in the centre of the lid.
5- I dabbed some of the H&M bronzy eyeshadow in the centre of each C to give them some depth.
6- I finished off with Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick and contoured the cheeks with Elf Contouring Kit.
Elf Black Cream Eyeliner
Sleek Storm Palette, Elf Mineral Eyeliner, Rimmel Pink Blush Lipstick, H&M Brown Dust
Elf Contour Kit & Studio Blush Brush

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

what's in my travel bag

Hello My Lovelies,

today I would like to share with some pictures of my makeup travel back... I am not even near an holiday but I took these pictures before going to Paris for a short weekend in Paris - here is the link of my shopping  there :-)). 

I will start saying that I have a few rules when I travel:

1- I take with me what I love the most... on holiday we need to spoil ourselves!
2- Before packing I think of the holiday I am going for and what can be essential and what is unnecessary.. for a beach holiday I am not going to need foundation or tons of eyeshadows... when I am tanned, I always keep it very simple! 
3- I always put my makeup bag into my handbag.. Otherwise I see myself staring impatient at the conveyor belt ...

And this is the bag I am using at the moment: it's big but compact, it has see-through compartments and can be left open and flat to fit better in the hand luggage...

Here you go! 
It really looks like a lot of makeup, I know, but I thought it was what I needed for a city break!

Face: Mac MSF in Medium and Medium Dark (now that I am quite pale I use the Medium all over the face and the Medium Dark as contouring shade), Mac MSF in Gold Deposit, Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution, Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW25, Bobbi Brown Corrector in Light Peach, Maybelline Cream Blush no. 2, Nars blush duo Desire/Amour.
Eyes: Nars eyeshadow duo in Kalahari, Mac Painterly Paint Pot, Mac eyeshadow in Yogurt, Club, Brown Down and Ochre, Pupa eyesahdow no. 200, Bourjois eye pencils in Brown and Black, Clinique Mascara.
Lips: MAc Lisptic in Shy Girl and Lady Bug, Revlon lisptick in Soft Rose, MUA lipgloss shade 4, Rimmel lip pencil in red dynamite.
Brushes: Real Tecniques, Elf, Mac and Shu Uemura eyelash curler.
Nails: China Glaze High Maintenance
p.s. random powder puff in the left corner... 

But what did I really used... tools excluded!
I went for a simple, bronzy look with red lips all the time and it was easy and elegant: no eye liner, glowy cheeks and matte complexion... just forgot to include mascara in the pic!

All in all I think that this can also be a perfect starter kit for somebody who would like to have good quality makeup for everyday looks... as you can see I am not very adventurous with eyeshadows and I always play it simple! 

hope you enjoyed it

Sunday, 13 May 2012

my project 10 pan - updates

Hello my Dears,

a few days in the  project 10 pan link and I am happy to have started it! 

First of all the products I have chosen can create a complete look so I am less tempted to browse in my collection and I stick to finishing them, also in the morning is quicker to get ready because I keep all in one pouch and I feel motivated to go on with it... 
I know it is sad to say that I need motivation but that's the way it is! 

This is the look... 

Face: Bourjois foundation, Clinique concealer under the eyes and Mac around the nose and lips, Body Shop Loose Powder to set all in place - p.s. I kind of forgot how good this powder was, not cakey and gives a good coverage too!
Eyes: Mac Paint Pot in Painterly as a base and Mac Naked Pigment all over the lid (the only 2 items not in the project) Maybelline Blush blended in the crease, Rimmel Eye Pencil along the waterline and on the outer corner and plenty of  L'Oreal mascara.
Cheeks and Lips: Maybelline Blush and Mac Shy Girl lipstick

Mac Pigment in Naked and Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
Hope you like it
have a lovely day

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Paris c'est toujours Paris...

Hello my dears,

a couple of weeks ago I was in Paris for a short weekend and I casually passed by a place called City Pharma, Rue du Four, just off St. Germain des Pres: this little spot is a skin care heaven!!! 
Actually I was thinking to call this post "What Lisa Eldridge made me do" because I discovered this place after watching one of her videos and  considering that:

- I always buy myself a little present on a payday,
- I entered Sephora and I wasn't even tempted to buy a pencil,
- Avène and Vichy are way more expensive in the UK,
- Good skincare products mean healthy skin... let's call it an investment, 

 I picked up a few things:

I had to buy the Bioderma... it was an inner voice guiding me, girls.. or You Tube power of persuasion??... but it looks so cool in my blog :-))))

2 bottle for 15 euro
I also found an amazing Bioderma Lip-balm, 3 for the staggering price of 4 euros!

Then a few Avène items:

Eau Thermal Avène Water Spray 150 ml 3.5 euro /6.5£
Eau Thermale Avène Moderate Protection Emulsion SPF 20 10.5£
Avène Soothing Hydrating Serum 19 euro for 50 ml/ 17£ for 30 ml

I got a new bottle of the 3 in 1 Cleanser by Vichy 8 euro for 300 ml/ 11£ for 200 ml
Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm 3.5 euro/ 3.69£
Cattier Clay Soap Bar 3 euro.

This is it my lovelies and I will keep you posted on how I get on with all these babies!!
Have a great weekend you all!!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

an everyday look

Buongiorno Ragazze,

oggi mi sono dilettata con questo trucco molto semplice e naturale ma allo stesso tempo definito: ho utilizzato l'ombretto Kiko numero 137 su tutta la palpebra e ho sfumato nella piega dell'occhio con l'ombretto marrone di Pupa numero 03. Ho illuminato il tutto con l'ombretto di Pupa numero 200 - adoro questo colore e soprattutto lo uso anche come illuminante sullo zigomo - Ho delineato poi le ciglia con la matita Urban Decay in Stash nella parte superiore e la matita Mac in Bountiful Brown nella parte inferiore.. due passate di mascara e off you go!

Mi piace tanto utilizzare due matite diverse perchè credo diano un tocco più sbarazzino ad un trucco naturale e sopratuttto il verde e il marrone sono due colori che aprono lo sguardo ingrandendo l'occhio. Naturalmente non aver appicato matita nella rima nell'occhio aiuta..

Ed ecco i prodotti:

Ecco i gli swatches dei tre ombretti:

Kiko numero 137, grigio/marrone opaco, perfetto come colore unico su tutta la palpebra o per sfumare uno smoky eye;

Pupa numero 200, ombretto cotto satinato della linea Luminys Silk, bianco perlato, ottimo come illuminante;                                                                           

Pupa numero 03, ombretto cotto della linea Natural Eyes, marrone chiaro opaco, perfetto per chi come me ama un look naturale.

Questa invece è la matita verde di Urban Decay in Stash della linea 24/7, un colore tra il verde militare e il khaki,  meraviglioso e luminoso; la matita ha una consistenza molto morbida e è facile da applicare, ma allo stesso tempo ha una durata ottima... non a caso è 24/7...

Spero vi piaccia!
Letizia x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Project 10 Pan

Hello Everyone,

this morning I was taking some pictures for a new post on my travel bag and I was kind of shocked to see the amount of make up I have... and obviously I also realized that the one in the picture was just a small amount for a weekend away!

It is time to use something up before I even dare to go to Mac, Boots or anywhere else 
that sells makeup again!

This is my project 10 pans and no cheating, no mistakes, no weakness, no temptations 
are allowed!!

Here is my list of commitment:

Body Shop Lose Powder in 03
Maybelline Pure Mineral Blush in 10 Topaz Rose
Mac Lipstick in Viva Glam II and Shy Girl
Bourjois Healty Mix Foundation in 55
Clinique All About Eye Concealer in 02 Light Golden
Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW 25
Rimmel Eye Pencil in Ginger Tea
Maybelline Mascara in Black
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara in Black

In my defense I have to say that some of those are my all time favorites and have been in my collection for more that a year... I do this for hygiene reasons too :-)) - not considering the Mascaras of course which I throw away every 3-4 months!! 

So all is in one bag now and I will be using these items every single day for the next few weeks... let's say months.. I will keep you posted for every progress I make in this mission!


Monday, 7 May 2012

My brow routine

Hello My Lovelies,

following the post on Michelle Phan Video, I thought it was a good idea to include something about my brows. I would like to start saying that I am from the generation where it was a must to have over plugged, thin brows  even though they were looking a bit odd and unnatural on a face like mine... round face, strong features, big eyes, nose and lips ... Like the Big Bad Wolf with thin brows?!?! 

Once I was watching a video from Lisa Eldgridge and she was saying that models like to keep their brows undone because a full brow makes them look younger and she is actually posting video with a model whose brows have never been touched.

Here is what I am using at the moment to make my brows behave a little, from filling the gaps to keep them in place... 
First of all I use the Mac 212E brush, part of a travel set, with a mix of the 2 brow colours from the Wet'n'Wild Palette (1£ from a Pound Shop - sorry there is no name or number on the packaging!) and I shape them to create a natural and neat arch. Then I take the clear mascara (1.99£ from Boots - Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara) and use the wand and the clear gel to fix all in place. 

Easy peasy!

and this is the result... 
(which I think it suits me better that a tiny little strip of silly brows)

hope you like it!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Le sopracciglia e Michelle Phan

Buongiorno Ladies,

un nuovo video di Michelle Phan che arriva proprio nel mezzo della crisi delle mie sopracciglia!! 

metterò alla prova i suoi consigli e vi farò sapere...

Buona domenica,


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I preferiti di Aprile

 Eccoci qui,

dopo una breve vacanza torno con i miei 5 prodotti più usati di aprile... premetto che anche questo mese le mie scelte sono ricadute sulle cose che al mattino si sono rivelate più facili da utilizzare e estremamente soddisfacenti per il risultato finale!

Maybelline Cream Blush no. 2 -- questo blush in crema è stata una vera rivelazione, ha una consistenza leggerissima ed è estremamente facile da applicare; mi piace tantissimo l'effetto luminoso e naturale che lascia sulla pelle e credo sia perfetto sia per pelli molto chiare che per pelli olivastre... e naturalmente perfetto per far risaltare l'abbronzatura!
Wet'n'Wild palette duo sopracciglia – so bene che questa palettina non è facile da reperire e anche qui in Inghilterra i prodotti Wet'n'Wild non si trovano, ma dovevo includerla. Ho avuto un problemino di pinzatta impazzita recentemente e ho dovuto per forza trovare un rimedio per le mie povere sopracciglia... questo duo matte mi ha permesso di modulare perfettamente il colore adatto e salvare una situazione imbarazzante.. a dirvi la verità mi piacciono molto anche i 3 ombretti, ma questa storia ve la racconto un'altra volta!
Pennello Mac --  questo pennellino fa parte di un set da viaggio di 5 pennelli e l'ho utilizzato soprattutto per le sopracciglia: le setole rigide permettono di mantenere molto controllo con i tratti e aiutano a disegnare in maniera definita le sopracciglia! Good fella! 
Naked Palette:  naturalemte ho dovuto includere questa palette nei preferiti... se non sapete perché, andatevi a vedere la mia maratona di 7 giorni!!! 
Revlon Lipstick in Solf Rose  -- oh che bel colore! perfetto per chi vuole labbra naturali ma definite.. lo trovo perfetto anche per l'ufficio ... e ho letto da qualche parte che è la copia del magnifico Rouge Coco Madamoiselle... giusto 15 sterline più economico.


My 5 April Favourites

Hello My Dears,

I hope you are all well!
I have been away for a few days and I am back to share with you my 5 favourites for April. These are the 5 items that I have been enjoying using the most, expecially when I get ready in the morning counting the minutes on the clock! As you can see I go very often for natural looks that still have colour and definition :-))

Maybelline Cream Blush no. 2 -- very sheer cream blush, easy to apply and smooth on the skin. It looks very natural and has a light glow finish. I think this can suits all skin colours and will be great on tanned skins!
Wet'n'Wild palette for eyebrow –I know it is not easy to find this product but it has been an amazing discovery for 1£! The palette comes with 2 matte shades for the brows, with greyish undertones, that mixed together match my eyebrow colours and make them look defined and natural… I love the eyeshadows too, but this is another story!
Mac Brush from the Define&Blend set– this tiny little brush is part of a travel set and I love using it to apply the eyebrow powder because it has very stiff bristles and I can be very precise!
Naked Palette -- of course I had to include it in my monthly favourite!!! if you still don't know why, have a look at my 7 day marathon!
Revlon Lipstick in Solf Rose  -- this is a very nice colour that makes my lips look natural but with character and I have to say this it is not drying at all... I read somewhere that it's a dupe for Rouge Coco Madamoiselle, tres chic!

Hope you like it