Monday, 23 April 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Hello my Lovelies,

after a week of been naked, it is time to share with you my thoughts. This is an amazing product and it has a very good selection of nudes all in one palette but I should say that, during this week I have been missing some of my all time time favorites: first of all my dear Vanity Palette by Wet'n'Wild, bought in the States a year ago for less then 5$ and secondly, my beloved Storm Palette by Sleek, which costed me less the 7£. These two palettes contain colours not as fancy as the one in the Naked and this is what I personally look for in the morning! 

Wet'n'Wild - Vanity
Sleek -- Storm Palette

all in one palette: highlights, all over the lid everyday colours, darker colours to intensity the look.
compact and handy packaging
good quality make up
good value for money - each pan contains1.3 gr of eyeshadow
perfect for travelling and/or when in a hurry
original choice of colours 

only 2 matte colours
missing green and blue shades 
too many undertones and reflexes -- sometimes I just need a straight colour!!! 

Here it is again, the iper-hyped, elegant, sleek, smooth, multitasking NAKED PALETTE:

P.S. this is my interpretation of the shades:
gunmetal -- in between light grey and light blue
creep -- in between dark grey and black
hustle -- purple with brown undertone
toasted -- old rose pink with light shimmer
half baked/smog/darkhorse -- great bronzy/goldy trio
sidecar -- unique light toupee pinky  brown with interesting glitters
buck -- brown with warm undertone
naked -- great matte all over the lid shade and perfect blending colour
virgin/sin -- great highliters or all over lid colour

My last and strictly personal comment is that if you buy it, I am sure you will like it;
if you don't, you are still going to survive!


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