Saturday, 14 April 2012

Samantha Chapman and Real Techniques in London

Hello my Dears,

I am so excited to share with you some picture of me at Boots in Oxford Street yesterday with the lovely Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo, presenting her Real Technique brushes!!!

Yesterday, straight after work I took the train to London with my dear friend Carla to go and meet Sam who  was so kind organise this event in London and I actually had the chance to have a smoky eye done by her!

When I arrived at the store, around 6.30 there were a few people at the entrance all looking at one direction and guess who was there.. Sam talking to a young lady  with a beautiful display of all Real Technique Brushes collection. I have to admit that I was quite excited but my feelings didn't prevent my instinct from being proactive: as soon as I arrived I jumped to Sam's assistant to ask whether it was possible to have some makeup tips by Sam and within minutes I was sitting just in front of her!!! 

First of all she looked at my face and said that MY MAKE UP WAS NICE, and then I asked her some tips to emphasize my eyes and this is when her professionalism started to stand out: she put me at ease complimenting my eyes, and with my great surprise she said that with my eye lid space I could do a lot! And think that I have always been thinking to have hooded eyes! Thank you Sam for the revelation!!

But this is not all... It was like talking to the doctor to explain your symptoms to have the cure: she spiced up my day make up, with expert touches, and, shading lighter to darker colours from the inner to the outer part of the eyes, she changed my look from a neutral day look to a smoky eye, ready for a night out. Then she lifted and elongated the shape applying some pencil along the lash line with a small angled brush to recreate the Sofia Loren' sort of eye makeup. Eyelash curler, Mascara and I was ready and happy!

Girls, I was honestly impressed by her manners and her way of  been kind and patient.

Thank you Sam!

Hope you enjoy!

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