Thursday, 12 April 2012

my rescue bag + some poetry

Hello my Friends,

I would like to share with you my tiny little secret, a small bag that I carry with me everywhere I go and that contains emergency products that can really make the difference before a last minute appointment or just for  a quick touch up!!

First of all I always take with me a lip balm and a lipstick: the first one to keep my lips looking hydrated and healthy and the other to give them some colour. For the lipstick, I tend to go for a colour  that can suit virtually any makeup and can be used also as a blusher on my check to give them a nice glow and give me a fresher look... at the moment my multi-tasking friend is Shy Girl by Mac, a lovely pink-peachy lipstick with a yummy vanilla flavor. Then I refresh my eyes with eye drops and give them some shape with a black eye pencil that I usually apply on the waterline smudging it outward, to lift up the eyes. But the hidden gem is Lemon Aid by Benefit that first of all has a tiny little mirror that allows me to do what I have just described without looking even worse, and secondly has a yellowish colour that helps to hide redness giving instant light to the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye... Sometimes I dab it gently onto my under eye area to brighten up my concealer or around my nose ... and I am ready for a nice aperitif with my dear colleagues!!

Last but not least the little bag... a tiny silky pochette that I bought in China a while ago, red with gold printing - so chic -... and this is not just a random printing, this is part of one of my favorite poem by Li Bai!!!

Here it is, poem and translation my dears.... Enjoy!

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