Monday, 11 June 2012

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on, a review

Hello My Dears,

today my post it's all about a new discovery even if it has been going around for ages:

it is the Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on link that retails for 10.50£ (p.s. I got mine for 6£ in Superdrug a while ago).

Here it is how it looks like:

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on in Medium

and this is the description on the Boots website:

Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on has a 2-in-1 formula:
  1. Moisturising eye cream & a cooling roller ball: refreshes and hydrates tired-looking eye
  2. With mineral enriched pigments it instantly covers dark circles  

How to Use

For best results with Garnier Caffeine Anti-dark Circles 2-in-1 Roll-on:
Whenever dark circles appear, apply Caffeine Anti-dark Circles Roll-on, in circular massaging motions, onto the under eye area, from the inside towards the temples. The 2-in-1 eye care instant concealer formula will be applied automatically via the roller ball. Gently blend in the formula with finger tips, as if makeup, for flawless coverage of dark circles.

So, this concealer comes in a tube with a metal ball at one end that is supposed to refresh, depuff and cover dark circles. To be honest at the beginning I wasn't impressed by the runny liquidy product and the thin consistency but then I realised that, for better results, I had to roll it on the area, wait for the liquid to set for a minute and then gently dub to blend it properly. 
For extra coverage I apply my concealer and dust a bit of powder with a fluffy brush
to seat it all off! 

And here it comes the scary part... the before and after!... 
and I am sure I don't need to say which one is which!
 in my defence yesterday I woke up with a very red and swollen eye... and again excuse my messy brow! 

Judge by yourself but I have to say that I am very happy for the results!
I hope you found it helpful
Letizia x