Monday, 7 May 2012

My brow routine

Hello My Lovelies,

following the post on Michelle Phan Video, I thought it was a good idea to include something about my brows. I would like to start saying that I am from the generation where it was a must to have over plugged, thin brows  even though they were looking a bit odd and unnatural on a face like mine... round face, strong features, big eyes, nose and lips ... Like the Big Bad Wolf with thin brows?!?! 

Once I was watching a video from Lisa Eldgridge and she was saying that models like to keep their brows undone because a full brow makes them look younger and she is actually posting video with a model whose brows have never been touched.

Here is what I am using at the moment to make my brows behave a little, from filling the gaps to keep them in place... 
First of all I use the Mac 212E brush, part of a travel set, with a mix of the 2 brow colours from the Wet'n'Wild Palette (1£ from a Pound Shop - sorry there is no name or number on the packaging!) and I shape them to create a natural and neat arch. Then I take the clear mascara (1.99£ from Boots - Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara) and use the wand and the clear gel to fix all in place. 

Easy peasy!

and this is the result... 
(which I think it suits me better that a tiny little strip of silly brows)

hope you like it!

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