Saturday, 31 March 2012

My empties...

Hello Ladies,

the end of the month is here and I wanted to share with you what I have been using and most importantly what I have been using up.

First of all are all the face and body moisturizers

E45 Itch Relief Cream - I use this cream in the driest part of my body, especially on my elbows and I find it very good for the price, 3.95£ at Boots.
Lacura Hand Cream - this is an amazing product for the price, 0.75£ at Aldi's.
Vaseline Lotion- I bought this moisturizer while I was in NYC last year because I forgot my body cream and I must say that I quite enjoyed it, available at Boots for 1.70£.
Body Shop's Body Butters - I have been using these body butters for ages and they always do the trick: I love the smell, I love the consistency, I love the results, big or small sizes, they are just great!
Olay Daily Moisturizer - I have been using this moisturizer for 4 years now, and even if I would like to try something else, I always go back to this: it is a light cream with a nice and fresh smell, amazing price and SPF 15 for daily protection! At boots  for 5.99 (or superdrug where they always have offers).
Cuticule Oil: this is just a random purchase at Sally's beauty supply and it is very good and not sticky, 1.90£.
Origins Eye Cream: this is a great product, not too heavy but still soften wrinkles and gives luminosity to the eye area. It retails for around 20£ but lasts at least 4-5 months.

Clarins Toner: I am not a Toner person and I started using this product because it was in a value pack with the makeup remover. This lotion gives me the impression of tightening pores and doesn't dry my skin, good smell and good price if bought together with the cleanser (20£ cleanser+toner+small eye makeup remover and very nice pochette)
Neutrogina Visible Clear Face Wash and Daily Scrub - amazing products that clean the face leaving a fresh sensation to the skin. I know that in the picture the face wash doens't look so empty, but this is the second bottle and I really wanted to include it here. Available at Boots often on offer 2 for 5£.
Body Shop Oat&Honey Mask - this is my favourite mask and after using it, I often get complimnts on my skin!
Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish gel: this is the perfect weapon to kill the random spot! 

Mac Face&Body Foundation: I bought this foundation a year ago for my wedding and this is just great for a light to medium coverage. Somebody complains about the smell, but I kinda like it.. for me smells of pine tree and woods. 25£ for an amazing 120ml that will last you forever!
Elf Complexion Perfection face powder: this is a very good face powder, it mattifies the skin and doesn't look cakey at all. this is a bargain for 3.50 at ELF cosmetics.
Maybelline Stick Concealer: this is a good concealer for blemishes and spots, too drying for my undereye area though.

have a good weekend xxx


  1. Olay Daily Moisturiser is something really good..I too have used for a long period till I got ..Just started using elf Complexion Perfection..Following ur blog now .:)

  2. thank you dear... let me know what you think of complexion perfection then! have a good day letizia